Our motto: “Because the Dang Zombies won’t Kill Themselves” is a tongue in cheek way of saying you should always be prepared, whether it be Zombies attacking or simply the everyday criminal.

It is your responsibility to protect yourself.  The United States Supreme Court has affirmed on many occasions that it is NOT THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE POLICE TO PROTECT THE PUBLIC, BUT TO SIMPLY UPHOLD THE LAW (Castle Rock v. Gonzales, No. 04-278 and Deshaney v. Winnebago Cty. Soc. Svcs. Dept., 489 U.S. 189, 1989).  Any protection is serendipitous to their duty to enforce the law.

In other words, their job is to catch criminals after they commit the crime.  The fact that they protect you in the process is a nice incidental.  So if it is not the police’s job to protect you, then whose is it?  In the simplest terms “It is your job to protect yourself, your family, and your property.” Central Texas Concealed Handgun Licensing can help you do that.

Don’t entrust your safety to someone else. Be prepared.

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